40266618_1844671418934316_7455277547488542720_oDo you know your inner child? According to the transactional analysis, in every person there is a Child. It can be Rebellious, Submissive or Free.

A Rebellious often does everything in defiance. He screams, stomps his legs, breaks down, so if you suddenly feel naughty, and then you are surprised at yourself, then these are tricks of the Rebellious Inner Child.

A Submissive Child behaves  Читать далее


34048702_1711482168919909_1940918445734363136_o«You won’t succeed!» — «You’re nobody, sit and be silent» — «If you go there, something bad will happen.» Is that familiar to you?

When my clients find out about the inner critic, they are horrified and immediately want to get rid of hime. How else? Isn’t he the root of all problems? Well, this is partly true, but I propose not to rush and to think, what is good in your inner critic? Читать далее



Recently, I am addicted to online trainings and seminars. With each video watched, confidence is growing stronger in what to do in life. A plan of action is gradually emerging. But instead of taking action, I am watching another training or buying a new book. It seems to me that I don’t know everything yet. Right now, this is the last webinar. After it, everything will become clear to me and I will start doing something. There is so much knowledge in the world! How can I start while I don’t know anything?

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