How to react to happy families with children around?

How to react to happy families with children around

When you really want to have your own child, it seems that everyone around has them, except you. All friends are with children, joyful laughter is heard on the street, babies are smiling from all the covers of magazines, and it’s better not to open social media.
But what to do? Lock yourself at home and be left alone with your problem until it’s resolved? To avoid everything that can cause pain? To pretend that the problem doesn’t exist?

I want to offer you something. If your true intention is to have a child, then try to stop treating every child you meet as a reminder of what you don’t have.
But what if to treat each child as a sign that you will have one too? What are you one step closer to your goal?
This is not self-deception, this is a change in perception, a different point of view. If the children will cause you sadness and a feeling of emptiness, then, unfortunately, it may not disappear anywhere after the birth of the child. Try to experience happiness and fullness right now.
You can say, “Yes, but my friend did it so easily, and I go through incredible difficulties”
Did it work out easily for her? Wow! Rejoice — this is a sign for you that there can be lightness in your life.
Did your friend get it after a lot of breakdowns? Wow! This is also a good sign for you!
Did you hear someone called mom? Wow! This is a sign that you will be called the same!
Try to live with this feeling. Don’t run away from life, from other children, from happy pictures. This is part of your life. A happy life, right? You can start right now.

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