40266618_1844671418934316_7455277547488542720_oDo you know your inner child? According to the transactional analysis, in every person there is a Child. It can be Rebellious, Submissive or Free.

A Rebellious often does everything in defiance. He screams, stomps his legs, breaks down, so if you suddenly feel naughty, and then you are surprised at yourself, then these are tricks of the Rebellious Inner Child.

A Submissive Child behaves  really quiet. It’s the ideal person for whipping, on whom you can dump all the work, and he won’t resist.

A Free Child is full of creativity, joy, and the manifestation of a very different palette of emotions. If he is angry, then he doesn’t suppress feelings, nor does he suppress joy. He is sincere with himself and others. He is the author of all new ideas and bold dreams.

What is your inner child? Do you have a contact with him? Would you like to get closer with him?

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