34048702_1711482168919909_1940918445734363136_o«You won’t succeed!» — «You’re nobody, sit and be silent» — «If you go there, something bad will happen.» Is that familiar to you?

When my clients find out about the inner critic, they are horrified and immediately want to get rid of hime. How else? Isn’t he the root of all problems? Well, this is partly true, but I propose not to rush and to think, what is good in your inner critic?

We all need security and therefore, in our subconscious mind there is a subpersonality that believes that can protect us. This subpersonality doesn’t understand that doing this in a perverse way and doesn’t know how to do it otherwise. In the process of therapy, we learn to negotiate with it. Sometimes subpersonality makes contact immediately, in other cases doesn’t give up to the last, but by this moment the client already has strength and confidence from other subpersonalities — from the inner child or an inner caring parent, so that the critic’s voice is almost inaudible.

The next time you hear this accusing and devaluing voice, stop for a moment and ask him the question: «What do you really want? What are you protecting me from?» Perhaps you will learn something new about yourself and you will be one step closer to changing the life script.

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