Recently, I am addicted to online trainings and seminars. With each video watched, confidence is growing stronger in what to do in life. A plan of action is gradually emerging. But instead of taking action, I am watching another training or buying a new book. It seems to me that I don’t know everything yet. Right now, this is the last webinar. After it, everything will become clear to me and I will start doing something. There is so much knowledge in the world! How can I start while I don’t know anything?

Today I listened to the next webinar. And then something unusual happened. The audience asked the coach what books he was reading. I perked up. Books are like a drug for me. I thought that the coach will show one book or say that all the most important things have already been read. That you can read and then introduce this knowledge all your life. Or that one book or training was enough for him to learn everything and become who he is.

Naive, right?


As a result, the coach showed three books. He said that these were only those that were nearby, and there were many more. That he constantly listens to webinars and reads all the latest in his field. And this was said by the millionaire! Why doesn’t he relax? But no, he continues to self-improvement. And since he can, then …

And then was a flash! Inspiration! No need to wait. It’s time to act! Right now! And even if I don’t know something yet — it’s not a problem! Since I learned to write with my left hand, and to hold a knife with my right, then everything else is possible!

Knowledge is good. But if you don’t use them, but accumulate them quietly, then gradually they are forgotten. Lose freshness and importance. The brain perceives them as a passed stage. For example, I have «excellent» in chemistry in the certificate, but all the terminology seems to me gibberish now . But I used to know everything! And even liked it!

I want to tell everyone who reads this post. If you need motivation, a magic or a hint from the Universe, then hold on — start right now! I believe in you! You know everything! You will succeed!

Go forward!





Yevgeniia Batsman
волшебный пендель

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